For many customers, your website will be their first interaction with your business and, if you're not careful, it could be their last.

Most business owners set their website up and never touch it again. But that's not how the internet works! The internet is ever-evolving and constantly updating. A static website updated two years ago will never stay relevant. Your website needs to be modern: that's where blogs come in!


When people think about blogs, they often think about the boring diary entries that turn up before a recipe. We don't care about the fact that Jane bought a dog two years ago—we just want to make a pavlova. Business blogs aren't like that, though (or they shouldn't be).


Great blogs will cement your business's

authority and knowledge in a field.

Your business's blog should cover relevant topics to your field. These knowledgeable posts demonstrate your business's expertise and help build a reliable brand. Customers may not find your business because they're looking for you, they may find an answer to their question through your blog posts. From there, you've effectively marketed yourself to them. They may remember you when it comes to hiring a business in your field down the line.

Blog posts can't just be whatever you want, and they definitely can't be poorly written. Professional, thoughtful, and helpful blog posts should engage readers and answer their questions. They came there for a reason, after all. But blog posts aren't just for the reader; they're for the business too. 

Blog posts are an extra opportunity

to engage with potential new clients.

Just like copywriting, blog posts should utilise SEO so that they turn up in search results. Great SEO that utilises blogs will increase your website traffic and in turn your potential clients.

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