Don't let other people steal your business.

Good business owners have good websites. Nearly two-thirds of small businesses have a website! If you don't have a website, some customers think that you're no longer open for business. A website isn't just an online placeholder: it should be your biggest and best (and, hopefully, cheapest) marketing technique. 


A good-quality website entices customers to

buy, engage, contact! 

Even better, it encourages them to share. But you can't just slap any old thing together and think that'll please the masses. Customers are savvy and, more often than not, they're internet-savvy, which means they know a good website from a bad one. Dated, unusable websites don't cut it anymore.

Customers will leave your website for a competitor's if your site isn't up to scratch.

There's a bunch of things that go into building a great website...some of which aren't cheap. But there's nothing stopping you from having an amazing website for budget prices! Basic SEO and simple, clean web design can increase traffic and your business image, without needing to spend thousands on special SEO marketing techniques. 

Excellent copy does more

than fill a page with words.

Copywriting is easy, people say. But if it was easy then everyone would be doing it. Excellent copy should be engaging, readable, and a little bit fun. No one wants to read a boring essay on why they should buy your products (or sign up for your emailing list). People come to websites for quick, easy results. They want to know the answer to their questions—and they want it quick!

Website copywriting is one thing business owners often think they can skip. Spoiler alert: you can't! What do customers do when they visit your website? They read your copy. Make it engaging! Don't let your customers see a wall of text on the first page. Introduce them to your brand, your tone, your values. Show them the information they care about, not the information you care about.

If your web design is out-dated or you need spicy new copy, then contact me today.